RCMP CFP Evaluation – Part 6.8


The final installment on this section of “Recommendations”.

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Recommendation 12:

That the CFP further analyzes domestic violence issues involving firearms. That, simultaneously, the RCMP as an organization develops further police protocols for domestic violence calls during instances involving firearms, and that they consider encouraging other police services, which have not yet done so, to adopt this approach.

Well, if firearms really are involved with that particular instance of domestic violence, then yes, they should be impounded.  I don’t think any reputable gun owner would disagree.  But all too often such claims are made by a vindictive soon to be ex-spouse, who just wants to make trouble for her partner.

It seems to me like they are trying to “trump up” more fallacious reasons in order to remove guns “from circulation”.  As pointed out above, 45% of spousal homicides are committed with something other than a gun, and that alcohol and a history of violence far outweigh the presence of guns in the home:


Combined with alcohol, the risk factor increases. Seventy-five per cent of the perpetrators had a serious drug or alcohol problem. That compares to 42 per cent in Ontario.

An overwhelming factor was a history of violence, which Doherty defined as not just physical, but emotional or sexual as well. Ninety per cent of the cases appeared to have a history of violence – though it wasn’t clear in court documents, she said.


  • Management Supports Recommendation (Yes or No)

Management supports the recommendation.

  • Current Status

The CFP is conducting research and analysis with respect to domestic violence and firearms. CCAPS is responsible for developing national policy with respect to domestic violence.

  • Responsible


  • Planned Action

As outlined in the “Planned Action” for recommendation #10 of this MAP; ” the CFP will continue to work with CCAPS on policy development” by providing subject matter resources.

  • Diary Date: December 31, 2010

There should be a corollory to the “Follow the money” aphorism: “Follow the bullshit”.  7 “Recommendations” from one “Finding”.  It seems to me that all this is nothing more than an exercise in justifying further incursions upon our rights, by “manufacturing” a problem that just does not exist.

A sample size of 283 abused women, of which only 71 admitted to having guns in the home – a meager number, to be sure.

A study which refers to other studies done by the same author, who is on the payroll of an anti-gun and anti-male group, paid for by the anti-gun establishment at the CFC, which shows a need for more restrictions on gun owners – why am I not surprised?

Out of the total male population, how many are actually abusers?  How many of them are gun owners?  What are the real numbers here?   I bet they will never say, since those kinds of numbers don’t work in their favour…

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