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Gun control costs astronomical

Published: 2011/02/28 07:12:51 AM

The letter from Charl van Wyk, Arm the law abiding (February 25) refers. Mr van Wyk quotes Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa : “We could never equate a cost to human lives when it comes to fighting crime. The ministry, in its endeavours of ensuring proper control of firearms in this country, is not informed by how much that would cost…”

My gut feel is that the minister is preparing the nation for a shock.

My suspicion is that the minister knows exactly how much the Firearms Control Act (FCA) has cost — and the costs of “ensuring” what is laughably described as “proper control” of firearms in SA have been astronomical. Tell the people of SA how much this act has cost them, Mr Minister!

In Canada, audits found that the blueprint for the FCA cost more than 2bn to implement. Original cost estimates for the long- gun registry had been 2m . In 2004 — when the largest part of the FCA was promulgated — the police budget stood at R22,7bn. By last year it had increased to R52,6bn.

Business Day covered Justice Minister Jeff Radebe ’s news conference in Cape Town last weekend extensively. The 2009-10 annual report of the South African Police Service (SAPS) reveals there were 18786 robberies at residential premises and 5458 arrests; 13902 car hijackings and 2352 arrests; and 14534 robberies at business premises with 3342 arrests.

“Trio crimes” are armed robberies at homes and businesses and car hijackings — violent crime.

Mr Radebe revealed that only 276 such cases had been finalised in the past year, and only 239 resulted in convictions.

When the media asked Mr Mthethwa how it was possible that only 239 convictions were obtained from tens of thousands of reported cases, the minister said the statistics showed “inroads are being made” through working tougher and smarter. Meanwhile, ordinary working people have to hire an attorney to complete a gun licence application form. Hundreds of thousands more have been disarmed by this government’s unconstitutional gun-control regime.

The FCA cannot be implemented and administered by the police. The country just cannot afford it. Every rand poured into the Central Firearms Register is a rand diverted away from the poor, from effective policing, from replacing lost keys to holding cells, fixing toilets in police stations, putting band-aids on damaged infrastructure.

The results speak for themselves. What kind of morality is disarming hundreds of thousands of elderly gun owners without compensation, using fraud and intimidation, when the government gets convictions in less than 1% of violent crime?

Brett Nortje


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