A New Year’s Levee Tradition


I was looking up New Year’s Levees, their origins and traditions and came across this at Wikipedia:

A report of the New Year’s levée held in Brandon House in Manitoba in 1797 indicated that “… in the morning the Canadians (men of the North West Company) make the House and Yard ring with saluting (the firing of rifles). The House then filled with them when they all got a dram each.” Simpson‘s Athabasca Journal reports that on January 1, 1821, “the Festivities of the New Year commenced at four o’clock this morning when the people honoured me with a salute of fire arms, and in half an hour afterwards the whole Inmates of our Garrison assembled in the hall dressed out in their best clothes, and were regaled in a suitable manner with a few flaggon’s Rum and some Cakes. A full allowance of Buffaloe meat was served out to them and a pint of spirits for each man.

Do you think we could get away with doing this in this day and age?




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