CBC Ombudsman Whitewash


I’m procrastinating again on those “Recommendations”, but the bafflegab is so thick, it’s hard to cut through it.  Instead, here is a report from the Ombudsman of the CBC…


In the week leading up to the Day Democracy Died (the vote on Bill C-391), the CBC aired a “news” segment on The National, about the involvement of the NRA in the activities of those who supported the Bill to eliminate the long-gun registry.  They were shocked to discover that the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action, and its President Tony Bernardo, has had strong ties to the US lobby group.  They had to dredge up information from 10 years ago in order to “prove” the heinous nature of this association.  Of course, none of this was secret, or deliberately kept hidden, but the CBC did its damnedest to make it seem like this was a huge expose of some sort.

Anyone with half a brain should have come to the conclusion “So what?” when presented with this information.  Not the CBC!  They never let the facts get in the way of promoting leftist ideology whenever they can.  The whole purpose of the piece was to inflame the sensibilities of the anti-gun crowd who are habitues of The Mothercorp, provoking them into taking action against Bill C-391.

There was no “news” here – just blatant partisan politics.

Here is my letter to the CBC’s Ombudsman:

September 14th, 2010.

Re: NRA and the gun registry

September 13, 2010

News > TV Shows > The National


I am incensed.  I am outraged.  I am livid.  Words cannot describe just how supremely pissed off I am at the CBC’s “news” story about the “ties” between the NRA and the Conservatives.  This is blatant and egregious anti-gun and anti-conservative propaganda.  Its sole purpose is to drive people to vote against Candice Hoeppner’s Private Member’s Bill C-391.  So what if the NRA is giving “tactical and logistical” support to the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action?  Why is that “news”?  Why is that anybody’s business?  This is not “reporting” news, it is manufacturing the news.

Why isn’t the CBC “reporting” on the incestuous ties between the Coalition for Gun Control and the Liberal Party?  They’ve been in bed together since Chretien came to power.  Why aren’t they “reporting” on the ties between the CFGC and the anti-gun, US Brady Campaign?  Why aren’t they “reporting” on the funding received from anti-gun US billionaire George Soros?  Why aren’t they reporting on the ties with the international anti-gun organization, IANSA?

Why aren’t they “reporting” on the $386,000 grant the CFGC received from the Department of Justice for some “training program” in Quebec, that was never reported on?

Why aren’t they scandalized by the Liberal Party of Canada bringing US Democratic National Committee President Howard Dean to be the keynote speaker at their 2006 convention?

Why aren’t they outraged over US anti-gun “documentary” (and I use the term loosely) filmmaker Michael Moore’s interference with three federal elections?

Why isn’t any of this “newsworthy”?

And now, even though the original “report” stated, but downplayed, the fact that nothing illegal was taking place, and that no money had changed hands, another “reporter”, Margot McDermit, is claiming that “The NRA, in the CBC story last night, apparently has been lobbying for the last decade to get rid of the long gun registry. Not only lobbying, but providing money to lobbying efforts here in Canada to lobby the government to get rid of it.


This is an out-and-out LIE!  The NRA’s charter forbids it from giving money to groups outside the US.

Do you honestly believe that your “reporters” should be LYING to the Canadian public?  Is that in your charter somewhere?

This has got to stop!  Do your job and rein these LIARS in.  If you do not, you should be FIRED for being nothing more than a useless, trough-sucking bureaucrat.

Bruce N. Mills


Hamilton, Ontario

And here’s the Ombudsman’s replies to the complaints:

Review: Report about possible involvement of the National Rifle Association in the debate over the long-gun registry

October 28, 2010


The item was a reasonable summary of the interest that a very important American lobbying group has taken in the Canadian issue. Although we might have wished for more depth and context, the item’s flaws do not move it outside the bounds of CBC policy.

Vince Carlin
CBC Ombudsman

Nice whitewash job there, Vince!  Get any on ya?

If you read through his entire report, you will see that nowhere does he address my complaint that one of his talking heads outright LIED to the Canadian public on a national news show.  You can be certain that I will be taking this oversight up with him, soonest.

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