Gun Homicides Down 12%! Woo Hoo!


I’m getting a little bogged down with the “Recommendations”, so I thought I’d take a little break and bring you this little tid-bit from the news, instead…


Statistics Canada’s latest annual Homicide In Canada study has just been released, and the MSM is falling all over itself to proclaim that “firearms homicides are down 12%!”  This just in from the Mop and Pail:


Shooting homicides dropped in 2009: StatsCan

Ottawa- The Canadian Press – Published Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010 9:18AM EDT

A new study says there were fewer firearm-related homicides last year.

Police reported 179 of Canada’s 610 homicides were committed with a firearm in 2009; that’s 21 fewer than in 2008.

Statistics Canada says that, while the general homicide rate remained stable, the firearm-related homicide rate dropped 12 per cent, reversing an upward trend recorded between 2002 and 2008. Prior to 2002, rates of firearm homicides had been declining since the mid-1970s. Of the 179 firearm homicides, 112 involved handguns, 29 involved a rifle or shotgun and 14 a sawed-off rifle or shotgun.

Declines were reported in all three categories in 2009. Handguns remained the most common type of firearm involved in homicides in Canada’s major cities. Between 2005 and 2009, police recovered 253 firearms used to commit homicide where the registration status with the Canadian Firearms Registry could be determined. Of these, 31 per cent were registered and 69 per cent were not registered. Of those that were registered, 67 per cent were rifles or shotguns, 22 per cent were handguns and 12 per cent were sawed-off rifles or shotguns.

Also during this five-year period, police were able to determine the ownership of the firearm in 212 homicide incidents. Of these, 49 per cent were owned by the accused, eight per cent by the victim and 43 per cent by someone else. The agency released its general crime statistics in July.

Wow, that Firearms Act and Registry must really be working – right?

Guess again.

Only one newspaper that I have found has reported on this crucial piece of information, which is only the second line in the study; from the Edmonton Journal:

Gun murders down 12 per cent

Plummet in Alberta gang killings responsible for bulk of national decline

By Tobi Cohen, Postmedia News October 27, 2010


While gang-related killings dropped 10 per cent, they still accounted for one in five homicides in 2009. Alberta, which saw 13 gang-related homicides last year, compared to 35 a year earlier, was responsible for the bulk of the drop.

So, this has nothing to do with honest, law-abiding gun owners and their registered firearms.  I suppose the only reason they mention this at all is because it’s “local news”.  Of course overall homicides are not down, and handguns – which have been “tightly regulated” since 1934 – still account for most of the guns used in killings…knives and blunt objects still outstrip guns as the “weapon of choice”.

Here’s the link to Statistics Canada’s site for the study.

Don’t break out the champagne just yet, Wendy…

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