Who is Naomi Lakritz? And why should I care?


I don’t know – but she really seems to be in love with herself.  Her latest column in the Calgary Herald, “Long-gun registry on target for safety” is a prime example of what passes for “critical thinking” among most so-called journalists these days.

In true elitist fashion, Lakritz sneers at those who oppose the onerous and draconian Firearms Act, and its bastard spawn, the registry.  Our concerns are “silly”, she opines.  Our arguments are “nonsense”, she pontificates.  She quotes an RCMP report (which it wrote about itself!) as if it were gospel.

One interesting tid-bit she relates is this nugget of wisdom:

“The registry is a ‘law enforcement tool’ for seizing firearms during domestic disputes and it allows police to know about other firearms that may not be registered.

How on earth can the registry tell anyone anything about UNREGISTERED GUNS?  Talk about your utter nonsense!

To top it all off, anyone who disagrees with Naomi is a “whiner”.   Well, I guess we’ve been told!  The elite has spoken!

I can see she really honed her journalistic skills while at the National Enquirer

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