Stockwell Day was right


Stats released from Statistics Canada show that almost 70% of violent crimes (excluding murder and attempted murder) go unreported:

One of the major benefits of the GSS is that it captures information on criminal incidents that do not come to the attention of police. Research has shown that for various reasons victims may choose not to report their victimizations to the police. For example, according to the 2009 GSS 69% of violent victimizations, 62% of household victimizations and 71% of personal property thefts were not reported to police.

Reasons for not reporting crimes vary:

Victims of violent and household crime also had similar reasons for not reporting the incident to the police. The most common reasons were believing that the incident was not important enough (68%), followed by thinking there was nothing the police could do to help (59%). Other reasons included having dealt with the situation in another way (42%) and feeling that the incident was a personal matter (36%)

And yet, the vast majority of people think that they are “safe”:

As in 2004, the majority of Canadians (93%) reported feeling satisfied with their personal safety in 2009. More specifically, 48% of Canadians said that they were very satisfied with their personal safety while 45% indicated that they were somewhat satisfied (Table 11).

Maybe if they knew how many of their fellow citizens didn’t report crimes they’d feel differently…

Too bad StatsCan doesn’t do a “self defense” survey.

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