In support of Bill C-391


The Government of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers, and the Chief of the Calgary Police Services have come out against the long-gun registry and in support of Bill C-391.

The news release from the Saskatchewan Minister of Justice:

News Release – April 26, 2010

Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan today released a letter in support of Bill C-391, which would end the long-gun registry.

The private member’s bill, sponsored by Portage-Lisgar MP Candice Hoeppner, is due to be considered by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security in the near future.

“Saskatchewan people have consistently opposed the long-gun registry, seeing it as a massive waste of taxpayers’ money that has yet to solve a single crime,” Morgan wrote, on behalf of the provincial government. He noted that Saskatchewan is investing in programs to combat gang activities, assist victims of crime and put more police officers on the street.

“It is our view that this approach is a far more effective way of building safer communities for our citizens.”

Bill C-391 has passed Second Reading in the House of Commons. The standing committee hearings are the last stage of review before the Bill is considered for Third Reading in the House of Commons.


For more information, contact:

Desirae Bernreuther
Phone: 306-787-2626

To send a thank you message to Justice Minister Don Morgan, you can email him at:


And from the Calgary Police Chief:

Gun registry not working: Police Chief Rick Hanson

“The gun registry has done little to make the streets safer,” said Police Chief Rick Hanson.

“For the years it’s been in effect, there are more guns on the street today – handguns and prohibited weapons – than I can ever recall, and that’s since the gun registry has been implemented,” added Chief Hanson.

Chief Hanson says the gun registry does nothing to reduce the level of violent crime and the use of guns by criminals on the street. He says it’s not about politics, it’s about safety.

To contact the Chief and let him know he’s on the side of the right, email him at:


Watch Sgt. Evan Bray, president of the Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers,  on CTV’s “Power Play”:

Power Play : April 23 : Sgt. Evan Bray, Regina Police Dept.

The president of the Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers says although the long gun registry is being used in police investigations, it is not helping police officers when facing dangerous situations

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